Pilates training is a low-impact exercise method that can be

    practised by anyone regardless of age, body shape and level of ability and fitness.  

    Movements are repeated fluidly in coordination with breath either on a mat or on

    specially designed equipment to add resistance and give guidance.

    Pilates training is not aerobic, through regular practice you will transform your physical appearance

    and improve your metabolism.

  Training in the Pilates method

    will help  you develop

  1.     core strength and flexibility

  2.     good posture and alignment

  3.     lean, balanced muscle tone

  4.     strength and mobility of the spine

      and joints

    Pilates practice is

    greatly beneficial to those who are

  1.     older

  2.     dancers and athletes

  3.     recovering from injury

  4.     wanting to get back in shape        

  5.     pre-and post pregnant women

  6.     suffering from arthritis, back pain, neck stiffness,

      overall joint problems, chronic pain and stiffness

    In a monthly face-to-face session, an exercise programme is created to achieve maximum

    benefit to fulfill your individual specific requirements. Based on this, I will create an training video     

    for you to continue your practise at home. Usually, these monthly sessions plus the training video 

    and my continued support for the month following our session work perfectly for most people.

    However, if you feel you need additional sessions in person, this can be arranged too.

    I also offer monthly group classes for a maximum of 6 people. Please contact me if you would like to

    book your place.   


    If you like to start right now, you can following these  simple routines at home.


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