Meditation and



    If you live and work in London, you probably are stressed at times. This is not necessarily

    bad or wrong. Stress can have a positive effect on you. In the short term it can give you

    drive and energy. But when it becomes permanent and gets out of control it can drain

    you and make you ill.  You may feel   

  1.     exhausted

  2.     depleted

  3.     nervous

  4.     tense

    or you may display many other physical and

    psychological symptoms.

    Stress Management and Meditation can help

    you to recognise its causes (which may or may

    not be your boss, your children or partner etc.)

    and offers strategies to shift things back to a

    healthy balance that works for you. These

    hands-on tools can be supported by  

  1.     breathing techniques

  2.     contemplation

  3.     meditation

    It has been documented that Meditation is a very effective Stress Management tool.

    In the sessions you will be given specific breathing and meditation techniques and also  

    look at philosophical teachings that support your meditation practice.

    Meditation is not about being able to sit cross legged and to stop thinking at will but

    rather about allowing time to be with yourself, to tune in and to observe.        



    55 min private session     £60 / £550 block of 10 sessions (valid 6 months)


    55 min group session       £10

    When: 10am-10:55am     7 Mar, 28 Mar, 25 Apr, 23 May, 27 Jun book your place

   (times/ dates are subject to change)

   Note, there will be 2 cats in the studio.




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