Stretch & Meditation Class

   Stretching the body with movement elements from Pilates,

     Yoga, and Garuda® helps the body to unwind,

     to release muscular tension, it opens the joints, and prepares

     you for meditation, because the mind can become calm only

     when the body is at ease.

     The class is kept small, with a maximum of six people, thus

     allows us to address any relevant   questions and the need

     for individual modifications of certain exercises.

     If appropriate, anatomical explanations will be given to further

     the understanding of your own body and its movement ability.

     The aim is to gain your optimal range of movement whilst

     maintaining your physical integrity.

     Once the body is open and relaxed sufficiently, we will begin

     our meditation practice with a well-chosen breathing exercise                hamstring stretch

     to further still your mind and to draw your attention inwards.

     This is followed by sitting in silence where you give yourself

     permission to 'just be'.

     Although you can, there is no need for you to sit crossed-legged. You can be comfortable,

     the only requirement is for your spine to be upright.

     To attend this class, you have to book your place in advance. If you have any questions,

     please do not hesitate to contact me.

     When: 20th September , 11th October 2019

     Time:   7:15pm-8:45pm

     Cost:    £30.00 (minimum of 48 hours cancellation policy applies)


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